Welcome to my photo gallery.


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A kitten.
Jaguar from the Moscow Zoo.
Mountain gorilla.
Cat lemur.
Another lemur.
My sister's pet
(Rattus Norvegicus)
My sister's pet.
My sister's pet.
My sister's pet again. She's holding it.
A baby hamster from a local pet shop. Wow, its teeth look sharp!
My hand teasing a hamster in a wheel.
A turtle with open mouth.
This lizard tried to hide from me in a woodcrack. I attached the lens and the flash to the crack opening and fired blindfold. The shot was successful.
"Goat Face"
A she-goat with a beard.
Another (young) goat.
A forest frog. It was quite hard to come close to photograph it.
A toad in my hand.
A baby crocodile.
A Snail.

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