Welcome to my photo gallery.
I have rather large collection of flower pictures, unfortunately I can't scan them all. See also Flowers page.


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Some flower from neighbor's garden.
Strawberry flower (Fragaria gen.)
Marigold ( Tagetes )
Brier / Hedge rose ( Rosa Canina )
Hedge rose ( Rosa Canina )
Tiger lily ( Lilium Tigrinum )
Begonia (Begonia gen.)
Pepper flower.
Gloxinia (Sinningia gen.)
Gloxinia (Sinningia gen.)
Gloxinia (Sinningia gen.)
Red gloxinia.
Red gloxinia.
Cherry blossom. (Cerasus gen.)
Apple tree blossom.
Hyperastrum close.
Hoya (Hoya carnosa).
Red Grenadine.
A tulip close.

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