Welcome to my photo gallery.
I have so many flies so I moved them into a separate category. See also Insects.

Insects. Flies.

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My most lucky shot.
A drone-fly on a flower.
Yet another fly on a flower.
And another one...
And another one...
More dorone-files...
A fly on a wall.
A small fly on a flower.
A Flying fly. I was able to catch it right in the air!
Drone-fly (Eristalis Abustorum).

While the femail is eating, the male is flying around her trying to attract her attention.

Here I was able to catch two flying male drone-flies in a frame.
More flying drone-fly couples.
Yet another couple.
A drone-fly landing on a flower
A fly.
Do you see how heary they are?
A fly cleaning itself.
Two flies
Is here anything for me?

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