Welcome to my photo gallery.
Insects are my favorite objects of shooting. Mostly I use Sigma 105/2.8 Macro lens and Minolta 1200AF ring flash. See also Flies, Dragonflies and Bees pages.


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A butterfly on the ground.
(Inachis io L.)
A butterfly on a flower.
(Gonopteryx rhamni L.)
The same butterfly on another flower.
(Gonopteryx rhamni L.)
A butterfly on a finger
Two ants on a strawberry flower.
A green beetle, don't know its English name.
(Cicindela campestris L.)
The same green beetle.
(Cicindela campestris L.)
And yet again the same green beetle.
(Cicindela campestris L.)
Another beetle of the same species.
(Cicindela campestris L.)
(Cicindela campestris L.)
The beatle above, in another position and in beter lightning.
(Cicindela campestris L.)
Yet another small beetle.
A locust.
Another locust. Looks like a monster, isn't it?
Colorado potato beetles.
(Leptinotarsa decemlineata)
Eggs of the potato beetles.
Ménage a trois. :-)
Ready to take off.
The nymph of the golden knop eats poor plant lice. Approx. 2x magnification.
A bug.
Another bug.
Italian bug.
Two bugs.
A caterpillar.
A pond-scater (Gerridae).

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